The SMS App provides the studio administrator essential screens to set up SMS text messaging, create personalized SMS settings, send a message and created conversations with your members.


SMS Setup

In order to start using the text messaging app.  The app needs to be registered with the correct Studio ID.  Type the Studio ID in to the text box and click "Update Studio ID".  After the Studio ID is recognized,  click on the link "Configure your Mobile Text Number and View Stats".  You will be taken to the overview and order number in the SMS service. 

You can search by inputting a specific area code and any number of digits which fit a text number you are looking to use.  After entering in the search criteria, a list of available phone numbers appear.  Click the Buy link to the left of the number for the number that best fits your criteria. 

After clicking the buy link you'll be taken to a screen saying thanks for the purchase and listing the phone number.  After reaching the purchase screen, now return to the SMS App to complete the setup.

After going back to the SMS App, if there is a "Mobile text number" associated with the account go ahead and click "Continue to SMS Messaging" button.  It will send you to the SMS settings screen.

SMS Settings

  • Enable signup confirmation to your members: If the checkbox is checked, The SMS app will send confirmation texts to your clients.
  • Enable reminders to your members:  Text messages are sent to who have provided phone numbers to the studio.  Here, you can set the time frame for the text messages to be sent.  
    • For instance, the morning text time is defaulted to 7 am.  If there is a class before 7:00 A.M. it will be sent at the evening text reminder time, in this case, 9 PM.
    • The evening text time is defaulted to 9 P.M.  In this case no text messages will go out between 9:00 P.M. and 7:00 A.M. Each of these times should be changed to the studio's preference. 
  • Receive Emails when an SMS response is received: If a studio get a text response, and wants an email informing them of the text response, enter an email into the text input.

Send Message

  • Select a list:  Offers four possible selections.(these selections may change over time.)  Please view the image to see the current possible selections.
  • Send to Number:  If there is a specific number you want to send, simply type in the number the text is being sent too.  If you type in a number and select an option from a dropdown.  A text will go out to both groups of people.
  • Message: All of the text you want sent should be entered into this textarea.  The only other text which will be included is the URL text and the URL.  To the right of the Message is a Preview panel with a character count. 
  • Url Text:  (Optional) The input gives context to the URL.  An example is: "Details at:"  It will be on the same line as the URL.   
  • Include URL: (Optional) Populate the text box with a URL you want for the member to click on in the text message.
  • Shortened URL: To create a shortened URL click the check box.  Shortening the URL which can allow for more characters in the main portion of the message. 
  • Send On: The default is checked which will send the text message immediately.  Unchecking the checkbox, will display a date with a time.  Toggle through the date with the calendar widget.  Select the desired date and then choose the time you want it to be sent out.  An example of this is below.
  • *Note: The character count can not exceed 160 characters.  If the count exceeds 160, the character count will turn red until it's reduced to 160 characters or less.  Also, if the character count is greater than 160 multiple messages will be sent. 

The image shows the example of a full length URL and setting the date and time to send the text message instead of having the checkbox "checked" on Now.

*Note: If a text number is deleted or there isn't a text number associated with the studio an error will be listed inside the "Send Message" tab notifying the need to create a text number.


The conversation tab gives your customers the opportunity to reply with a text message. 


If there are no replies from a client in the last seven days, no conversations will be listed.  

If there is a reply in the last seven days, the message will read "Please click on a button to the left to view a conversation".

Clicking on the person of interest will display text messages sent to the studio by the member.  It will display the date and time the message was sent while a thought bubble will present the text message.  Also, from the thought bubble will be a generic icon of a person representing the member or the studio's default image will be used when displaying any responses.