Welcome to LiveEdit Tutorials, a helpful guide to editing, designing, and optimizing your website! In these tutorials, you may explore the customizable features of your new site, from editing your content to changing the design of your pages to optimizing for search engines! Watch the video tutorial below to learn more about the user-friendly toolbar which will help you navigate through all of the powerful features offered by Aurora.


This Help Guide will introduce you to all the features of your new LiveEdit website.

We’ve built Aurora to provide the best all-in-one web content solution available today. Users get drag-and-drop content control for their website, a mobile-optimized responsive theme, email marketing, blogs and more - all in one location and in a search-engine-friendly package. The browser-based control allows you to work from any Internet-connected computer, at any time, from anywhere in the world.

  • Settings: The settings section gives you the power to customize your site with specific personal settings such as profile and account info.
  • Design: The design section will introduce you to template choices and give you the power to choose your own background, color and/or typography. 
  • Edit: The edit section will get you a basic overview of the content types and show you how to move them around.
  • Pages & Menus: The Pages section will give you all of the tools to create new pages and menus, customizing your site navigation.
  • Content Elements: Throughout this section there are listings of elements, from a text area, creating HTML, placing YouTube videos, and much more.
  • Service & Apps: This section is a list of advanced features in the Aurora platform.


Are you ready to set your site live?  Follow the instructions for pointing your domain (URL) to your LiveEdit site via your DNS provider here.

Want to connect your MINDBODY account?  Follow the instructions for integrating your business management software here.