The MINDBODY Appointment Element is designed to pull your appointments directly from your MINDBODY business management software. 

Element Settings

While in 'Edit Mode' you can click on the placed MINDBODY Appointment element to bring up various settings. 

  1. Show exact date picker - When this option is set to Yes, the "Choose a start date" will selector will appear

  2. Show staff selection - When this option is set to Yes, the "Choose a Staff Member' selector will appear. 

  3. Search date range - This option sets the timeframe of how far your your search results will appear.. We advise started out with 2 weeks. 
    Please Note: Longer date ranges may cause the system to time out and display no results. 
    Too many appointments will cause the system to lose connection with Mindbody. Both Mindbody and LiveEdit have time restrictions in place for API calls. If the search cannot be returned within a certain time, the system will drop the search. Please choose according to the quantity of appointments your studio usually has available in a given time period.

  4. Only use Bold Times from your MINDBODY Account? - If you are utilizing Bold Times in your MINDBODY account, please turn this option to 'Yes'. To learn more about Bold Times, please see our Guide Here.

  5. Choose a tab for the bold times: This option lets you select which Tab the Bold Times are pulling from.