The Templates section within the Dashboard section of your Liveedit website is where you can adjust the coding of your Design Template. Here, you will have access to modify the HTML, CSS, and Javascript coding of the design template.

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Please Note:

  • Adding, editing, or teach you how to modify coding within your  is an advanced modification that falls outside of the scope of liveedit's support. 
  • If you need to make changes to your website's code, please book a Design Appointment to connect with our design team.

Advanced Coding Guidelines

  • If you are in a responsive design template, it's based on the Bootstrap framework. The Bootstrap framework libraries are already included in our platform as well.
  • Content Areas are created based on Bootstrap Grids.
  • If you are in a responsive design template, please do not place code in the Mobile CSS, Mobile Javascript, or Mobile Source tabs.
  • Our platform already includes the jQuery Library, please do not load this in again.
  • If you are going to add Javascript/jQuery code under the Javascript tab, please do not include any <script> </script> tags.
  • The primary CSS stylings of your website are within the Global Styles sheet.
  • Do not remove {liveedit_include}, {$LiveEditMenu}, or {$javascript_data} from the HMTL Source tab.

Page Templates

  • Page Templates - Templates that can be assigned to individual pages under the Design tab. For example, your Home page usually has a unique Page Template.
  • Wrapper Templates - Templates used for our integrated pre-built and designed pages.
  • Email Template - Templates used for our built-in email marketing service.
  • Global Styles - Site-wide CSS and Javascript/jQuery 

Within each Page Template, there are 6 or 4 tabs:

  • Source - Main HTML file of a page template.
  • CSS - CSS code that is unique to the page template.
  • Javascript - Javascript/jQuery code that is unique to the page template.